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Here you’ll find a listing of creators. We categorize the pages by their campaigns and do send the link out on Twitter and Facebook. If you would like your site added to this page, simply contact us with a brief synopsis of your company/comic/project along with a graphic logo and URL.

Online or Other Ongoing Links

Strange Twisted Tales (formerly Creepsi) is speculative fiction carrying the illustrated comic style in black, white and greys. It is a world of corrupt souls and supernatural elements. Our tales focus upon the eerie creatures that lurk in the shadows, those unsettling people who walk the streets, and horrific situations that threaten the innocents.
Deriving elements of Lovecraftian gods and a timeline based upon the lands of Hyperborea, our story is set in Antarctica before ice sheets covered the area. It is an era of deadly monsters and beasts along with terrible gods. Belgar is a Guiding Arrow, one of the best but he suffers from short temper and a reputation as a scoundrel. Tricked into a blood pact with Cuchulainn, a god also known as the lame one, Belgar commits to a search for a fabled sword guarded by demon hounds.
Randi, a defrocked priest, discovers his webchat session puts him in the crosshairs of the police and a mysterious, deadly stranger who claims to be an ancient god. In his quest to prove his innocence, he meets the stranger which leads to his first encounter with Vucub, a Mayan god. Saved from his certain death by one of the Febails, The encounter leaves Randi in the middle of an on-going struggle between the demigods who protect humanity from those jealous gods of the past. Randi must battle his own beliefs while trying to comprehend his involvement in a fight to avoid the chaos predicted many years before.



Screecher Issue 1: The Owl Flies Again
Indiegogo Launches October 7th. It’s a Batman inspired super hero tale set in our modern times set in and around Ann Arbor, Michigan


It’s an all-out war as everyone is fighting over Tiger-Boy. The Tiger Lord, his army & his secret Ninja Tiger Death Squad fight the Mecha Men for possession of the boy. This 27 page comic is practically one big fight scene!
The finale to the indie crossover event. Over 50 pages of superhero team action to rival the Avengers.


CEREBRUM Vol 1. is a 60-page, full-colored graphic novel which kicks off this on-going ACTION-PACKED CYBERPUNK EPIC.
Following events that lead brothers Anthony and Michael to be labeled “DAMAGED”  one must find a way to keep the other alive at all costs, even if it means getting in bed with the criminal organization that runs the city.


A diverse team of not-so-super powered teens set out to fight crime and prove everyone has worth.